What is SAGE?
SAGE (Special Needs and Gifted Education) is an RISD PTA Council committee that is dedicated to supporting students who receive services for, or who are sometimes considered as special, different, delayed, gifted, or twice-exceptional (special and gifted).  SAGE acts as a liaison between parents and teachers to share knowledge and resources, as well as an advocate for laws that provide appropriate education, care, and safety for children who are diverse learners.
SAGE members consist of highly dedicated parent volunteers, experienced in raising and/or educating special and gifted children, who work together to provide support, communication, and education to our Special and Gifted Families, teachers, administrators, and support staff.  We are here to let you know that you do not have to walk alone in your journey. We are here to guide and support you, we are here to lean on, and we are here to help.

Visit SAGE's website at www.sageptarisd.com
Join SAGE's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/sageptarisd/

For a list of special needs resources, click here.
For a list of dyslexia resources, click here.
For a list of gifted and talented resources, click here.

SAGE offers several workshops throughout the year.